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How to Run a P+ Engage Transaction

There is a specific order of actions to ensure the data is properly captured. P+ transactions run like any other Engage transaction.

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💡Tip! Before, you get started: Make sure that all eligible UPCs are in your Pricebook and that each eligible UPC is set up with the product code *non fuel*.

  • Click here to learn more abound running an Engage transaction.

Step-By-Step Process

1. Scan Eligible Products

  • DO NOT select the payment option yet. The discount will populate after the payment option is selected.

2. Gather Customer Information

⛔ Alert: These steps are different, depending on your Point-of-Sale System


  • Ask the customer to select “Loyalty ID” on the pin pad.

  • The customer will then need to enter a valid phone number.

  • If the customer inputs their phone number and the discount does not appear, you must cancel the transaction and start over. Ensure the customer enters in a 10-digit phone number (i.e. xxx-xxx-xxxx).


  • The cashier will be prompted to select a loyalty program to apply to the basket. Press "Engage," and then "Enter.”

  • Next, the cashier must select the “Manual” button next to the numerical pad on the register. This allows the customer to enter their phone number on the pin pad.

  • Ask the customer to enter their phone number on the pin pad as a loyalty number.


  • The cashier will need to select “Pay” on the Clover device.

  • Under the “Other” section, select “Skupos.” This will bring up a numeric keypad to enter in the customer's phone number.

  • Ask the customer to enter their phone number.

  • Once the customer enters their phone number, they will need to accept the terms and conditions, which they can do by hitting the “Accept” button.


  • Ask the customer to select “Alternate ID” (i.e. Loyalty ID) on the pin pad.

  • The customer will then need to enter a valid phone number.

  • Cashier will see a “Mobile1” line item of $0.00 and will need to select “Enter” to authorize payment options.

3. Verify the Discount and Finalize the Transaction

  • Once the customer has opted in (or out), the discount will appear on the screen.

  • Finalize the transaction as normal.

  • If you or the customer wishes to verify that the discount was applied properly, you can look at the bottom of the transaction receipt, where it will read “Discounts Powered by Skupos.

  • P+ offers are typically the last discount listed on the receipt.

💡 Tip! You will notice that the retailer gets an additional discount per applicable item for every P+ offer. If you are enrolled in Tier 2 Loyalty offers and have multi-pack discounts, there’s a chance the customer could receive up to three promotions!

Verifone Example Receipt:

Gilbarco Example Receipt:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in the P+ program with Altria?

  • Click here to learn how to enroll.

How do I check if I am enrolled in the P+ program with Altria?

  • Eligibility is determined by Altria.

  • Not sure if you are enrolled? A sample email you can send to Altria is below. 

Sample Email


Can you confirm that my stores <Add applicable store addresses> are enrolled in P+? If not, can you let me know what else you need from me?


How can I check to see if I am active and able to offer P+ promotions with Skupos?

  • Altria will let you know which offer(s) each of your store(s) can participate in—every period, for each offer.

    • You will not receive reimbursement if your Altria representative did not elect your store(s) into offer(s).

  • To confirm the offers are Active, go to your Skupos Dashboard, navigate to Programs, stay on the Manage tab and search “personalized.”

    A screenshot of a computer

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  • Don’t see Personalized offers listed?

    • The Personalized offer program cards need to be displayed on your Skupos dashboard and be in an Active status for P+ discounts to run at your site.

    • If you don’t see P+ offers listed on your Skupos dashboard, check with Altria to ensure you are enrolled in the program on their end.

💡 Tip! If you own/manage multiple stores, each store might qualify for different offers.

How do I get reimbursed for P+?

  • Reimbursement for P+ offers are paid to you directly by Altria through the P+ API that was enabled during Tier 3 Enrollment on your Insights Portal.

  • What personalized promotion amounts can a customer get from active P+ offers?

    • Each customer can receive a different promotion amount based on their phone number.

    • You can see the different available discount options on your Skupos Dashboard after clicking into each P+ Offer on the Manage tab.

Note: Due to rounding logic, some odd number discounts may show up as the next even number. For example, if a customer is assigned a Buy 2, get .25 cents off promotion from Altria for P+, you will see it as 26 cents total for a P+ offer.

How are the P+ promotion amounts that a customer receives decided?

  • Altria decides the P+ promotion amount based on the customer’s phone number.

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