There are two types of promotional programs you can enroll in with Skupos Engage, Loyalty Fund Programs (LFP) and Brand Promotions.

What is the difference between Loyalty Fund Programs and Brand Promotions?

  • Loyalty Fund Programs (LFP) are put together by Altria.

    • The guidelines, requirements, and reimbursements come directly from Altria. You can tell a program is Altria based by looking at the program tag on the Program Management page or in the offer details.

  • Brand Promotions are put together by the brands participating.

    • Skupos powers brand reimbursements. To receive these reimbursements you need to set up and verify your bank account in your Skupos dashboard.

💡 Tip: Enrolling in both of these programs is done through your Skupos dashboard in the Programs section.

Enrolling in Programs

  • Getting to the Enrollment Page

    • Once you have purchased Engage you can enroll your stores through your Skupos Dashboard.

    • On your dashboard home page, from the top menu, select "Programs" then "Manage."

Enrolling in Altria Loyalty Fund Programs (LFP)

Step 1: To get started, select the promotion you would like to enroll in.

Step 2: Click “Enroll Stores" in the store status table.

Step 3: On the next screen, add a store to the program by clicking the store's checkbox in the Stores section.

  • Ineligible stores will not show in the enrollment process. To see your eligible stores, view the table on the program details page with your store's status. Any stores ineligible for the offer will show below.

Step 4: Select an offer from the drop-down.

  • This is the specific discount that you agreed upon with your Altria representative prior to enrollment.

Step 5: Enter the start date given to you by your tobacco representative.

  • This ensures that you will be reimbursed accurately. It is very important that the date entered here is the agreed-upon date provided by your tobacco rep. This date must be the next day or a day in the future.

Step 6: To finalize enrollment, accept all terms and conditions related to the program, review the details and click “Submit."

Editing Altria Enrollments

If you have made a mistake in your enrollment by selecting the wrong start date of LFP offer, you can make the changes inside of your dashboard.

Follow the instructions listed here on how to make these changes.

Brand Funded Promotions

Step 1: Select the promotion you want to enroll in.

Step 2: Click “Enroll Stores” in the stores status table.

Step 3: Select the stores you want to enroll.

Step 4: Accept the Terms and Conditions, review the program and click “Submit.”

💡 Tip: When you opt into a brand-funded program (non-Altria) you will have automatically opted into future non-Altria programs. If you do not want to continue with the program, you can opt out before the program begins. If the program has already begun, you will need to contact Skupos Support to remove your store.

Checking Your Program Enrollment Status

To check the status of a store in a given program, select the program on the left from the Skupos Engage homepage.

  • Unsubmitted: you are not enrolled in the program

  • Enrollment Processing: you are enrolled but Skupos is still setting up your store to offer discounts

  • Awaiting Start Date: discounts will go live within the next 24 hours

  • Active: you are actively offering discounts for this program

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