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FAQs about Reporting RJR Loyalty
Written by Skupos Support
Updated over a week ago

Frequently asked questions about reporting RJR's Loyalty Funded Program.


  • What does it mean if a file is missing?

  • What if I need to change the date that I entered into Skupos?

  • Why can't I enroll?

What does it mean if a file is missing?

The deadline to submit files is 5pm EST on Wednesdays. If your file is still missing on Thursday, there are 2 reasons why it may be missing:

  1. Our system detected a file has low transactions and withheld the automatic submission.

  2. Sync is disconnected and we are unable to retrieve the files.

โ— Alert: Any time a file is not submitted, you will be able to see this information in your Skupos and MSA dashboards.

You can chat or call into our support team and we will reconnect the store if necessary, and try to pull the missing transactions. When this is done our system will regenerate and submit the missing file.

Please note that our ability to resubmit varies by POS system.

  • Gilbarco: we are only able to pull transactions 7 days back. Please ensure you are checking the dashboard regularly at to confirm you are online and avoid missing any transactions.

  • Verifone: we are able to pull missing transactions up to 90 days as long as it has not been upgraded or reloaded during this period.

  • Clover: we are unable to pull missing transactions.

  • NCR: we are only able to pull 7 transactions days back. Unless you archive data yourself, or requests the data to be regenerated by their POS support vendor (i.e. RDS), we are limited to this amount.

What if I need to change the start date that I entered into the Skupos dashboard?

You can edit the date directly on your dashboard and if you have questions on how to do this, contact the Skupos Support team via chat. Our team can help enter the correct information.

Note: Discounts will be disabled until the new start date that was selected.

Why can't I enroll?

A few possible reasons why you can't enroll are:

  • The store isn't validated yet. If you haven't started the enrollment process, please refer to this article on how to do so.

  • Engage hasn't been purchased for the store. Reach out to Skupos support if you'd like to purchase Engage.

  • The loyalty offer isn't available in your state.

Please reach out to Skupos support if you have additional questions.

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