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How to Run a Skupos Engage Transaction on a Verifone POS
How to Run a Skupos Engage Transaction on a Verifone POS

Skupos engage on a Verifone POS

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When running a Skupos Engage transaction with a Verifone point of sale system, there is a specific order of operations a cashier needs to follow in order to ensure a successful transaction.

💡 Tip: Make sure that all eligible UPCs are in your Pricebook and each eligible UPC is set up with the product code *non fuel*

Step 1: Scan the Engage eligible items or use a softkey to add the items to the basket.

Step 2: Have the customer select “Loyalty ID” on the pin pad.

1_Loyalty ID.png
  • The customer will then need to enter a valid phone number.

  • If the customer inputs their phone number and the discount does not appear, you will need to cancel the transaction and start over. Have the customer enter in a 10-digit phone number (i.e. xxx-xxx-xxxx).

Alert: If your location runs an additional loyalty software program, the customer may need to enter an 11-digit phone number to claim the discount. This can be done by adding a 1 in front of the phone number (i.e. 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Step 3: Verify the Discount and Finalize the Transaction

  • Once the customer has completed these steps, the basket will show on the pinpad.

  • If the customer would like to see the discount prior to paying, you must press the “Total” button. This will apply the discount to the basket in real-time and reflect the discounted total on the pinpad.

  • You will then complete the transaction by pressing “Cash” or “Credit” depending on the payment type.

  • If you or the customer wishes to verify that the discount was applied properly, you can look at the bottom of the transaction receipt, where it will read “Discounts Powered by Skupos”

Error: Help! I’m still having issues. If you have followed these steps and are still having issues, please call or chat our Support Team.

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