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How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my NCR POS?
How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my NCR POS?

Setting up Multipack and Multican on a NCR POS

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Before you start setting up your discounts, make sure your tobacco representative has given you the okay to do so. Setting up discounts before you are live in a program and the details are confirmed with your tobacco representative can result in money lost.

Know Before You Start

Tip 1: To set up multi-pack and multi-can discounts, you'll need access to the Radiant Site Manager (RSM) in your Radiant Site Controller. This is the default Pricebook software installed on the Radiant Site Controller.

Tip 2: If you use back-office software to set discounts, contact your back office provider for assistance.

Getting Started

Step 1: Open your Radiant Site Manager and enter your pin when prompted.

  • Once entered, you'll be presented with the screen below:


Step 2: Select the "Configuration" folder, and once expanded, click "Merchandise."

  • Do not select the "Merchandise" folder above the Configuration folder.

Step 3: Once selected, you'll see a number of different configurations. Select the "Retail Item Group Setup," as shown below


Step 4: Add tobacco products that are eligible for multi-pack and multi-can discounts into the group. Click on "Add Item" to begin, as shown below


Step 5: Once your tobacco items have been added, the list will populate, as shown below


Step 6: After you have configured your Retail Item Group Setup, select "Special Setup" under the Merchandise folder to begin configuring the multi-pack or multi-can discounts. Once accessed, select "Add Special."


Step 7: You will be presented with three tabs: General Options, Qualifiers, and Date/Time Restriction, as seen below:

  • General Options (seen in the above screen): you will add the name of the discount and set the maximum per transaction. For maximum per transaction, this will be the total amount of multi-packs or multi-cans that will qualify for a discount.

    • Example: If a customer purchases five total multi-pack discounts, all five bundles of two (or three) will qualify for a discount. If they purchase six, the sixth bundle will not qualify for the discounted price.

Step 8: Once you've completed configuring the "General Options" tab, select the "Qualifiers" tab. Then select "Add Qualifier" as seen below:


πŸ’‘ Tip: The following configuration represents the majority of multi-pack configurations. Please use the guideline below to correctly set up this section.


Step 9: Requirements and Discount

  • Retail Item Group: Select the group that you have aggregated for Multipack promotions. In this case, we created a group for Marlboro

  • Restrict Requirement By: Quantity

  • Minimum Quantity: 2 (or 3 if you've elected to offer 3-pack discounts)

  • Type: Preset Amount

  • Amount: Depends on your elected price

  • Reduces Tax: No

Step 10: Once completed, you will save the configuration and select the "Date/Time Restriction", as seen below:


πŸ’‘ Tip: In the section above, if you would like to start offering discounts immediately, select "Applicable Immediately." If not, you can choose "Date Selection" to configure when you would like to start offering the discounts.

Step 11: Select "Update Terminals" on the left sidebar menu. To start the update, click "Perform Full Update."


❇️ Success: Once the terminal has been updated, if you have selected "Applicable immediately," your discounts are ready to offer! Otherwise, they will be ready on the date you selected.

β›” Error: Help! I’m still having issues. If you have followed these steps and still need help setting up your discounts, please call or chat with our Support Team and we will help get you set up.

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