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How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my Clover POS?
How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my Clover POS?

Setting up multipack and multican discounts on Clover POS

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Before you start setting up your discounts, make sure your tobacco representative has given you the okay to do so. Setting up discounts before you are live in a program and the details are confirmed with your tobacco representative can result in money lost.

Know Before You Start

Tip 1: Cartons are not eligible for discounts; if a carton is scanned the discount will not apply. Individual packs must be scanned.

Tip 2: Please do not set up discounts through a non-Skupos app because these will not be captured or reported correctly for reimbursement; this will result in money lost. At this time, Skupos does not support Multi-Pack on Clover for RJR.

Getting Started

Step 1: Log in to your Clover Dashboard at

Step 2: On the left-hand side of the Clover dashboard screen, click on the “Skupos SYNC” option from the menu


Step 3: Select your Merchant ID for the location you want to set up multi-pack and multi-can discounts for.


💡 Tip: Merchant IDs are assigned by Clover to represent your physical retail locations and/or registers.

Step 4: Use your Skupos login and password to finish opening the application.

Step 5: Once logged in, you will see a menu on the left-hand side. From this menu select “Discount Settings” to open up the page where you can turn on and off multi-pack and multi-can discounts for your Clover.

Error: If you already have multi-pack and multi-can discounts set up in your back office software, please do not set up discounts in your Clover.

Step 6: Find the program you want to set up and select “Edit.”

  • We will use the Philip Morris (PM USA MP) Multi-Pack program for this example.

Step 7: In the box under ‘Discount $’, enter the amount that you are offering in your multi-pack program.

  • For example, if you and your tobacco representative have agreed that you will offer $0.50 off every 2 packs of Marlboro brand purchased, you will enter $0.50 in the box.


Step 8: Under “Off/On,” click on the toggle button to turn the discount on. The toggle will become green when on.

  • To turn off multi-pack and multi-can discounts on your Clover, move the toggle button to “Off”.

Step 9: Hit the save button to finish. You will be prompted with an “Attention!” box. Please read the confirmations and type “I understand” into the box and then click the “I understand” button.

💡 Tip: Once this box saves and disappears, your discounts are set up and ready to use! Repeat these steps for any other multi-pack and multi-can discount programs you want to offer.

Step 10: From the left-hand menu of the clover dashboard, select “Inventory”

Step 11: Ensure that you are using the following fields for all products that are eligible for multi-pack and multi-can discounts:

  • Name: Name of the product

  • Price: Price of the item the merchant is selling. The “Cost” section is optional. Cost is the wholesale cost of the item.

  • Product Code: The field where the UPC should be entered. This is very important!

    • If you have entered UPC’s in the SKU field instead of the Product Code field, you will need to move the values from the SKU field to the Product Code field.

    • Clover uses 8 and 12-character UPCs. Make sure you are using 8 and 12 character UPC’s in your inventory.

Alert: Do not use the SKU field. Entering UPC’s into the SKU field instead of the Product Code field will result in the Skupos application being unable to trigger multi-pack and multi-can discounts and possible reimbursement issues.

Error: Help! I’m still having issues. If you have followed these steps and still need help setting up your discounts, please call or chat our Support Team and we will help get you set up.

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