How Do I Reconnect My NCR to Skupos Sync?

Reconnecting NCR to skupos Sync

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Keeping your NCR connected to Skupos Sync is essential for receiving and submitting your files.

How to Reconnect

Step 1: Confirm you have an active internet connection and that your store is disconnected

  • To check, open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and sign into your account at

⛔ Error: If you are unable to access, please contact your Internet Service Provider for further assistance.

  • If your store is disconnected, there will be a red “Offline” status in the Store section of your dashboard.

Step 2: Reboot your back office PC

  • Sometimes, external factors can interrupt our software - a simple reboot can often bring Skupos back online.

Step 3: Verify Transaction Journal Exports (PJR Files) exist

  • I am only using Radiant Site Manager (RSM):

    • Open File Explorer and enter your Radiant Site Controller’s IP address in the address bar

      • Example: \\

    • Open the "NAXMLExportFiles" folder

    • Verify that NAXML-POSJournal_Closed*.xml files exist

    • You might be prompted for a username and password, if so, enter the below:

      • Username: Obtain from your NCR support vendor

      • Password: Obtain from your NCR support vendor

  • I am using third party back-office software:

    • Reach out to your third party back-office software provider to locate your transaction journal reports, or, alternatively, search C:\ for NAXML-POSJournal_Closed*.xml

    • If you see PJR files start to display in the search results, right-click on any PJR file and select "Open File Location"

💡 Tip: If you are unable to find NAXML-POSJournal files, contact your back office software provider for assistance.

Step 4: Open up the Skupos Sync application and log in

  • Open the application by clicking on the Skupos Sync icon on your desktop or by searching for Skupos Sync in your taskbar.

  • Using your Skupos login credentials, log into Skupos Sync and select the store that is disconnected.

  • Log into Skupos Sync using your login credentials and select the store that is disconnected

  • Choose NCR from the dropdown, and confirm that the IP address shown in Skupos Sync is the same IP address shown in the XML Gateway in File Explorer, which you identified in Step 3

💡 Tip: If using third-party back-office software, ignore the IP address and instead click on "Show Advanced Settings" and then select "Custom Outbox".

  • Navigate to the folder where the NAXML-POSJournal_Closed*.xml files are located

  • Click "Folder" and the "Save"

  • On the popup that appears, click "I Understand"

Step 5: Finish reconnecting your store

  • After you successfully entered all of this information, a message will pop up that reads “You’re All Set!” This means that you have reconnected your NCR to Skupos.

  • To confirm that your store is connected, use your internet browser to navigate to your dashboard at If your store is back online, there will be a green "Online" status in the Store section of the dashboard.

⛔ Error: Help! I’m still having issues. If you have followed these steps and still cannot reconnect your store to Skupos Sync, please call or chat our Support Team and we will help get you reconnected.

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