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How Do I Install Skupos Engage?

Get installed with Skupos Engage

Written by Skupos Support
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Increase your bottom line by running brand-funded promotions through Skupos Engage - all without cutting into store profits. Compete with national chains by gaining access to the same promotions at a low cost. Skupos levels the playing field and is the easiest way to drive volume and encourage foot traffic.

Getting Installed

Step 1: contact the Skupos Sales team by calling 800-559-1358, option 2.

  • They will help determine if your location is eligible for Skupos Engage.

  • Eligibility is determined based on:

    • Fuel Brand

    • Pump Brand

    • POS System

Step 2: Once you have purchased Skupos Engage, the installation will take 30 minutes.

  • During the installation process, we will need your assistance updating your point of sale. You are required to be onsite at the location that is being installed.

Step 3: Once Skupos Engage is installed at your location, verify that your clerks are trained on how to run an Engage discount.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Employees knowing how to run promotions through Skupos Engage has the largest impact on your success with Skupos.

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