In your dashboard, the Diagnostics tab will show the status of your store(s).

Status Meaning


  • This means that your store is connected to the Skupos platform. We are actively receiving transactions and you are able to offer discounts via Skupos Engage.

💡 Tip: “Online” status is comparable to a green light - you are good to go!


  • This means that your store is no longer connected to Skupos. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Your back-office computer that runs Skupos has been turned off

    • Your back-office computer has been removed from the store

    • There has been a network change that prevents Skupos from connecting to your location

Alert: “Offline” status is comparable to a red light. You need to stop and resolve this status before continuing. Failure to resolve an “Offline” status can result in lost reimbursements.


  • This means that your store has recently connected or been reconnected to Skupos. This occurs when Skupos receives data from your store but is still processing the data to verify that the transactions are valid.

  • This status will only display for a maximum of 24 hours before changing to “Online” or “Offline.”

Alert: If your store changes from “Processing” to “Offline,” there is most likely a configuration issue and you will need to contact Skupos Support. If your status changes from “Processing” to “Online,” your connection to Skupos is active.

Not Installed

  • This means that your store has not been installed and Skupos has not received any data. If you see this status, we recommend that you contact the Skupos Sales team at 800-559-1358, option 2 as soon as possible to get installed and start earning more with Skupos.


  • This means that your store has been canceled and is no longer running Skupos. Canceled stores are not eligible for reimbursements and will not display “Online” or “Offline” statuses. To add a canceled store back to your account, contact the Skupos Support team and they will assist in reinstalling the location and reinstating billing.

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