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How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my Verifone POS?
How Do I Set Up Multi-Pack and Multi-Can Discounts on my Verifone POS?

Setting up Multipack and Multican on a Verifone POS

Written by Skupos Support
Updated over a week ago

Before you start setting up your discounts, make sure your tobacco representative has given you the okay to do so. Setting up discounts before you are live in a program and the details are confirmed with your tobacco representative can result in money lost.

Getting Started

Step 1: Open up Petroleum C Store in a web browser on your computer.

  • Using the login you use to access your register, log in to Petroleum C Store.

💡Tip: Petroleum C Store is accessed by typing in the IP of your Verifone followed by backslash Config Client (Ex:

Step 2: Click “Promos and Discounts” in the top menu then “NAXML Deal.”

Step 3: Make sure you are in the “Item List Maintenance” tab.

  • This is where you’ll add eligible UPCs.

Step 4: Create an Item List by clicking the “Add” button

  • Name it something unique in the Description field, for example, “Marlboro Mix & Match.”

Step 5: In the box next to "Item List ID" field add any number that hasn't been used in a previous list. You can now begin adding eligible UPCs to the list that you created.

1_Item List Creation.png

Step 6: Once you’ve entered the first UPC, hit “Tab” to check if that UPC is in your system.

  • We suggest grabbing 2-3 items to enter first, confirming that they work, then entering the rest.

💡 Tip: Verifone recognizes the short UPC code in Item List Maintenance. This means you need to enter the code in as follows: Example: Copenhagen LC Wintergreen 07387614 should be entered as “738761”.

Step 7: After hitting “Tab” a yellow file folder or black X will appear.

  • If you see the yellow file folder, the UPC was found and the discount will work

  • If you see a black X, the UPC was not found and the discount will not work

Alert: If you see an X instead of the yellow folder, please double-check that the UPC is in your system. Try re-entering or scanning the UPC. When finished adding all eligible UPCs, don't forget to click, "Save."

2_Black X.png
3_Yellow Folder.png

Step 8: In the “Mix and Match Maintenance” tab, click the “Add” button in the top right corner.

Step 9: In the “Item List” drop-down, make sure you have the right list selected.

  • This should match the list name that you created when you entered the UPCs on the Item List Maintenance tab.

Step 10: In the Description field, name your Mix & Match discount the same name, for example, “Marlboro Mix & Match.”

4_Item List Drop Down.png

Step 11: Edit the end date. We suggest extending the deal for at least a year. Check the boxes for all of the days of the week.

5_Set up Date and Time.png

Alert: Do not edit the start and end times. If the time is set to 00:00-00:00 and all the boxes in front of the days of the week are checked, the deal will run whenever your store is open.

Step 12: Under Package Pricing Configuration, click, “Add New.”

Step 13: Under Pricing Type, select “Amount Off Package Price” and set your Qty and Discount. When finished, don't forget to click, "Save."

  • For example, if your Altria rep approves a Buy 2 get $0.50 off deal, you would enter “2” in the Quantity field and 0.50 in the "Amount Off" field.

Alert: You will need to verify what discounts you are eligible to run with your Altria rep in order to make sure you are properly reimbursed.

6_Set Up Discount.png

Step 14: Once saved, you’re all set! Your multi-pack and multi-can discounts are now set up. Try testing them by ringing in two of the items you added and verify that you see the discount amount that you entered.

Error: Help! I’m still having issues. If you have followed these steps and still need help setting up your discounts, please call or chat our Support Team and we will help get you set up.

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