How Do I Keep Skupos Sync Active?

Keep Skupos sync active for successful file submissions

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A stable connection is necessary to ensure file retrieval.

Skupos relies on three things to be able to submit your scan data.

  1. Scanning your products at the register

  2. A connection between your POS and back-office computer

    • Make sure no one is unplugging the laptop.

  3. Internet connection on your back office computer.

    • If you have problems with wifi in the store, Sync will have problems too.

πŸ’‘ Tip: To be sure that you're getting full value out of our software, you'll want to adjust a few settings on your back office computer to keep it from going into sleep mode. When your computer is asleep, your POS cannot send transaction files to it, and Skupos Sync cannot collect them.

Change your sleep settings

Step 1: Open the Start menu on your computer and search for, "Sleep".

  • This should return the "Power and Sleep" settings or "Power" options.

Step 2: Next, you'll navigate to the "advanced settings" and make sure to change all the sleep settings to, "never", as shown in the video below

❗ Alert: Make sure you contact Skupos if anything in the store changes. New hardware or repairs inside the store where wires are moved can cause disconnections.


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