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FAQs for Altria's New DTP Program
Written by Skupos Support
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Frequently asked questions about Altria's New DTP Program.

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FAQs: Consumer Questions

FAQs: Retailer Questions

Do I have to access Retail Discount Network on a mobile device?

Yes. Accessing the website on a computer will not allow you to proceed past the brand selection page, and you will not be offered a coupon. A mobile device is required to access coupons.

Do I have to share my location?

Yes. Location sharing is required to be provided with a coupon. This is because Retail Discount Network needs to know what location is nearest you to provide a coupon for that location.

The brand I want is not shown, why?

The Retail Discount Network only supports Marlboro, Copenhagen, Skoal, L&M, and Black and Mild.

What if there are no coupons?

Altria is responsible for delivering the coupons to your device, so check with them if the problem persists. There may be no valid offers in your area. Try a new location and/or brand to see if any offers appear. Offers are subject to change and are based on location.

The app isn’t working; can you help?

If the app isn’t allowing you to type in your birthday and phone number or select a tobacco brand, we can set you up with our tech support team. If the app is not letting you log into your tobacco account or displaying coupons, you will need to contact Altria’s tech support for assistance.

Can I use this coupon anywhere?

You can only use the coupon at the store it says it is valid for.

Do I need to open Retail Discount Network at least once a week?

No, as long as your location offers at least one coupon per month there is no requirement on how often Retail Discount Network needs to be accessed.

What happens if I don’t open a coupon on Retail Discount Network every month?

If you do not open a coupon on the app every month, you will not be able to offer the increased Tier 2 tobacco Loyalty rates.

If I am Tier 2, why do I need to use the app?

Per your contract terms and conditions with Altria, the only way to get Tier 2 pricing on products is to use the Retail Discount Network coupon app and to navigate to a coupon in the store at least once per month.

How can I make sure the app is working for my store?

Test it out! Go to and follow the steps to get signed up. You will need to sign up for a Tobacco brand but once your account is created, sign-in is easy with a PIN.

How do I get signed up to be on the app?

Talk with your Altria representative about becoming a Tier 2 store and how you can use the Retail Discount Network at your location.

I was sent something to fill out by my Altria Rep to get on the app, can you help?

Please contact your Altria representative for assistance on signing up to be on the Retail Discount Network

Does this app only work for my store/chain?

Retail Discount Network provides coupons to all stores on Tier 2 under Altria’s DTP program

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