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How Do I Redeem Digital Coupons for Altria's DTP Program?
How Do I Redeem Digital Coupons for Altria's DTP Program?

Redeem coupons with Altria DTP

Written by Skupos Support
Updated over a week ago

As part of Tier 2 under Altria’s new Digital Trade Program (DTP), retailers are able to offer their customers exclusive digital coupons based on the customer’s location.

DTP Digital Coupons

💡 Tip: Your phone will ask you for location permissions. You must click “Allow” for the app to display coupons!

How to Access Digital Coupons

Step 1: Start by visiting on your mobile phone, or scan the QR code below.


Alert: The Retail Discount Network is a website and is not available in your mobile app store.

Step 2: Click, “Get Discounts”

Step 3: Fill in your phone number and date of birth.

  • Each time you sign into the app, you will need to enter the same phone number and birth date, so please ensure that both of these fields are filled out accurately

Step 4: Read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by checking the box and clicking continue.

Step 5: You will see a list of brands with available deals. Click the brand that you are interested in.

  • You will be taken to that brand’s website and required to log in or create an account

💡 Tip: If you already have an account with the brand, fill in your login information and click “Sign In”. Skip to the last step.

Step 6: Click Register and fill in the required information to create an account.

  • There may be a few components to this, including:

    • Your contact information

    • Identity verification

    • Account information

Step 7: After the account is created, you will be prompted to set up a PIN for faster login in the future.

Step 8: Once you have successfully logged in, any available coupons will be displayed.

How to Redeem Coupons at the Register

To redeem the coupon at the register, scan the coupon barcode on your customer’s mobile phone to automatically apply the discount.

  • Before being able to redeem coupons, you will need to input the Altria coupon UPCs into your POS. Contact your Altria representative for the coupon UPCs.

  • Add the coupon UPCs to your POS. For assistance adding UPCs to your system, contact your POS provider.

Alert: For you to qualify for a reimbursement from Altria, your customers must open a coupon with a barcode in the Retail Discount Network while inside your store

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