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Altria's Digital Trade Program (DTP) Enrollment
Altria's Digital Trade Program (DTP) Enrollment
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Skupos has met all requirements and is on the approved provider list for all three tiers of Altria's Digital Trade Program (DTP). For an overview of Altria’s DTP program, please click here.

If you'd like to participate, please work with your Altria representative to complete these steps.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 Enrollment

Tier 1 Enrollment:

  1. Complete form to participate in Altria Tobacco Operating Companies (ATOC) Retail Programs.

  2. Complete the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) form.

  3. Complete the Digital Trade Program (DTP) Agreement at Tier 1/2 Level.

  4. Skupos will take additional steps for enrollment and reporting. Be on the lookout for communication on when you can set up ATOC funded discounts.

Tier 2 Enrollment:

  1. Confirm that you have a Point-of-Sale system and a scanner capable of determining if a consumer is 21+ years of age (i.e. Can scan government IDs to validate Adult Tobacco Consumers 21+ [ATC 21+])

  2. Notify your Altria representative when you’ve completed the step above so they can perform certain verifications.

Tier 3 Enrollment

Tier 3 Enrollment:

In order to qualify for the next cycle, you will need to complete all these steps by the second to last Friday of each cycle.

  1. Complete a new DTP Agreement with your Altria representative and select “Tier 3."

  2. Complete the Option Election Form for Delivery of Digital ads with your Altria representative.

    1. Only select “Email” and “Digital App” under Intended Use.

3. Select “Option 1” and “EAIV Choice” on the “Options for Retailer Delivery of Digital Advertisements” page.

4. After this step, select that you are using Lexus Nexis for EAIV and that it is the coded text option.

5. Once you are validated with Tier 3, you are able to participate in Personalization Plus. To do this, grant access to P+ APIs to Skupos in Consent Manager in the Altria Insights portal.

6. The final step is that your Altria representative will elect stores to Personalization+. This needs to be completed the Friday before the next program period starts. Please confirm this step has been completed with your Altria representative.

How Do I Qualify for Each Tier?

If you are unsure of which tier you qualify for, please contact your Altria representative. All tiers require that you fill out the relevant forms by the second Friday before the upcoming promotional period starts to qualify. Please note that you need Skupos Engage for tiers 2 and 3. If you haven’t purchased Skupos Engage, reach out to our Sales team at 1-800-559-1358 option 2.

If you need assistance completing these steps, or if you have questions about the program, please contact your Altria representative.

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