Enrolling in Altria’s Digital Trade Program for the first time.

Getting Started

Step 1: Reach out to your Altria representative

  • Let them know that you are interested in participating in the Digital Trade program.

  • They will have you sign a “Digital Trade Program Agreement” form to get started.

Step 2: Contact the Skupos Sales Representative

  • Provide your Altria Retail Control Number (RCN) or Master Account Number (MAN) during the Skupos sign-up process.

💡 Tip: Forgot this step? No worries, please contact our support team to provide your Altria account number.

Step 3: Skupos will let IRi know that we will be reporting Scan Data on your behalf.

  • Once this is confirmed, you will receive an “FTP Credentials” email. This lets us know that we are ready to start submitting files on your behalf.

💡 Tip: Though the process is fairly automated past this point, please continue to check your email during the enrollment process in case IRi or Skupos reaches out with questions.

Submitting Test Files

Step 4: Once Skupos has received credentials, we will submit a test file on your behalf to IRi.

  • We will need to send a full week of data, so it is important to stay connected to Skupos Sync software in order for us to submit a complete file.

Step 5: When IRi receives your test file, you will receive an “Altria Scan Data File Received” email.

  • IRi will review your test file to confirm that all of your reporting settings are correct for future reimbursement.

Alert: Please check to make sure that you are connected to Skupos Sync on a consistent basis. If you are disconnected, Skupos will send you a “Sync Disconnected” notification, but we will not be able to submit a file.

Program Acceptance

Step 6: Once the test file is accepted by IRi, you will receive a “Now Processing” confirmation email.

  • This email means that you are live in the Altria Digital Trade program. You can now begin to offer Multi-Unit discounts and Loyalty Fund Program discounts, if eligible. Please confirm eligibility with your Altria representative.

❇️ Success: Congratulations on going live with Altria! If you have any questions about setting up discounts or file feedback you may receive from IRi or Altria, reach out to our support team.

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