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What Do I Do If the Y Indicator Is Not Showing in My File?
What Do I Do If the Y Indicator Is Not Showing in My File?

Y indicator missing from files

Written by Skupos Support
Updated over a week ago

If your tobacco representative has informed you that your files are missing a Y indicator, that means that there is an indicator missing from your reports that lets IRI know you offered a multi-pack or multi-can discount. Without this indicator, you can run into issues with reimbursement. By default, all Skupos accounts have the Y indicator turned on for reporting.

Common Reasons Why You Might See “No Y Indicator”

Reason 1: You have multi-pack and multi-can discounts in both the point of sale AND your back office software

  • If you are using a back-office pricebook to set up your inventory and discounts, you must ensure that you do not set up duplicate discounts in your point of sale. We recommend using one or the other. If you do not use one or the other, your discounts may continue to report incorrectly.

💡 Tip: If you are using a back-office provider to manage your inventory and offer discounts, we suggest calling them to set up your multi-pack and multi-can discounts. Skupos Support is not familiar with other parties' software and contacting your software company directly will ensure that discounts are properly set up.

Reason 2: You are using manager funded discounts

  • For us to report multi-pack and multi-can discounts correctly, they must be set up in the correct point of sale modules or back-office price book. They cannot be set up using a hotkey or be given using manager buttons at the time of sale.

Error: If you set your discounts up this way, they will not report correctly. This will result in money lost.

Reason 3: Incorrect scanning, specifically with Gilbarco point of sale

  • When using a Gilbarco point of sale, a cashier needs to scan items in a specific way in order to ensure the proper recording of a multi-pack or multi-can discount. When checking out a customer who is purchasing products with multi-pack or multi-can discount offers, scan one of the packs and then add another directly on the register. Do not scan the two packs individually.

💡 Tip: If you are missing Y indicators from your report, Skupos Support can help identify the issue and offer any possible resolutions if applicable.

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