If your tobacco representative has informed you that your files are missing a loyalty code, that means that there is an indicator missing from your reports that lets IRI know you completed a loyalty transaction. Without this indicator, you can run into issues with reimbursement.

Common Reasons Why Loyalty Promotion Codes are Missing

Reason 1: You have not completed enrollment with Skupos

  • To participate in a Loyalty Fund Program (LFP), you need to confirm enrollment with your tobacco representative AND enroll in the program on your Skupos dashboard.

Alert: If you have not enrolled through your Skupos dashboard, you will not be able to offer LFP discounts in your store.

Reason 2: Loyalty discounts aren’t being triggered

  • LFP discounts are only triggered by Skupos when a phone number or loyalty ID is entered into the pin pad at the time of purchase, and only on applicable UPCs.

  • Ensure that your cashiers are reminding customers to enter in their phone number or loyalty ID in order to receive a discount.

  • If a phone number or loyalty ID is not entered, no discount will be triggered and no loyalty promotion codes will be present.

Error: If both of the above have been satisfied, and loyalty promotion codes are not present, please reach out to our Skupos Support team for further troubleshooting.

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