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Setting Up and Verifying Brand Funded Reimbursement Payments
Setting Up and Verifying Brand Funded Reimbursement Payments

Engage reimbursement payout

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In order to receive reimbursement from brand-funded promotions, you need to set up and verify the bank account you wish to receive your reimbursement payments to.

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Reimbursement Must-Knows

Fact 1: The previous month's funds will be available to withdraw into your linked bank account by the 10th business day of the current month.

Fact 2: You are required to withdraw the full amount from your available funds into your linked bank account.

  • You cannot withdraw a portion and it cannot be applied to your monthly Skupos account payment.

Fact 3: It will take 2-3 business days for the funds to hit your bank account.

  • If you are participating in multiple programs, all deposits will be made in one lump sum.

Getting Started

Step 1: Login to your Skupos dashboard at

Step 2: Select the “Payout” tab from the top menu.

Step 3: Once in the Payout tab, select “Setup Payment.”

reimbursementpayments 1.png

Step 4: Once you select “Setup Payment” you will be prompted to fill out a form with the following information:

  • Business Details (please confirm any pre-filled information)

  • Personal Details

  • Banking Information

reimbursementpayments 2.png

Verifying Your Bank Account

Once you have successfully completed and submitted the form, you will receive a success message telling you that you are almost set up, explaining that Skupos will be sending two small deposits to your bank account over the next 1-3 business days.

reimbursementpayments 3.png

Alert: It is important that you check your bank account daily to ensure that you don’t miss the deposits. It will be a small amount of money, such as $0.13 or $.27.

Complete Verification Deposits

Step 5: Confirm the two small deposits are in your bank account

Step 6: Return to the Payout section of the dashboard and click “Verify Account”

Step 7: Enter the amount of the two deposits

  • Example: $0.13 or $.27.

Error: You will have 10 attempts to verify your deposit amounts. If after 10 attempts you are still having trouble, you will be required to edit your bank info and try again.

reimbursementpayments 4.png

❇️ Success: When you see a green checkmark next to your bank account information, your account is active!

Viewing Available Funds

Step 8: You can view your available funds in the top right corner of the screen or by clicking “Payouts” on the left-hand menu.

reimbursementpayments 5.png

Here is a quick guide to what each item means:

  • Last Withdrawal: This is the amount of funds that were last withdrawn into your bank account. This amount will be updated once a withdrawal hits your linked bank account.

  • Available Funds: This is the total amount of funds that are available for you to withdraw. Processing will take 2 - 3 business days to arrive in your bank account once you’ve withdrawn.

  • Pending: These funds are not yet available for you to withdraw. These are the discounts from the current month that your store has given to customers, however, they are not available for transfer. These funds will be available on the 10th business day of the following month.

  • Total Balance: Total amount of funds. This includes the amount that you are able to withdraw today (Available) plus funds that are yet to be available for withdrawal (Pending).

Transferring Available Funds

Step 9: Click the “Transfer Funds” button

  • If successful, a ‘Processing’ message will appear followed by a success pop-up in the upper-righthand corner.

Step 10: Wait 2 - 3 business days for the funds to arrive in your bank account.

reimbursementpayments 6.png

💡 Tip: There is no deadline to withdraw funds. If you do not withdraw available funds, they will continue to accrue on a monthly basis.

Viewing Program and Store Payout Details

You will be able to view discounts offered and reimbursements due for each separate promotion and store on your dashboard.

  • This means that chains will be able to view payment information at a store level on their dashboard.

Where To Look on The Dashboard

Step 1: Underneath “Total Sales” and “Top Products” you will see two sections

  • Altria Programs (Multi-Discount and Engage)

  • Brand Promotions (All Other Programs - Engage).

Step 2: Use the dropdown menus to change the program, location, or time period

  • All Brands

  • All Stores

  • Current Month

Step 3: View the transaction count and discount amount

  • Engage Transaction Count: This reflects the total number of instances a discount for the selected brand program was given at your selected store during the selected time period.

  • Engage Discount Amount: This displays the total dollar amount of discounts given for the selected brand program that was given at your selected store during the selected time period.

reimbursementpayments 7.png

💡 Tip: The “All Other Programs - Engage” section is where you can view the amount of discounts given:

Error: We use Stripe to help us power your brand reimbursements. There are a few banks that Strip does not integrate with, they are listed below. If you are experiencing errors when attempting to set up your bank account, please check the list below.

Banks Stripe Does Not Support:

  • Aba Card Solutions, Inc. Aba Card Solutions, Inc

  • Banco Coomeva S.A.

  • Banco Popular De Puerto Rico

  • Barrington Bank & Trust Company National Association

  • Brenham Natl Bank

  • Calvin B Taylor Banking

  • Citizens Bank Swainsboro

  • Cornercard Uk Ltd

  • Dcb Bank Limited

  • First Century Bank National Association

  • Firstmerit Bank National Association

  • Florida Capital Bank National Association

  • Heartland Bank

  • HSBC Bank USA, National Association

  • J.P. Morgan Europe Limited

  • Ky W Va Gas Co. Employees Federal Credit Union

  • Madison County Bank

  • Mb Financial Bank National Association

  • Mwabank

  • Northbrook Bank & Trust Company

  • Ravalli County Federal Credit Union

  • Republic Bank

  • Republic Bank of Chicago

  • Sunrise Banks National Association

  • Target Bank

  • The Bank & Trust

  • Tib The Independent Bankersbank

  • Wesbanco Bank Inc

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