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What Do I Do If My Altria File Was Rejected?
What Do I Do If My Altria File Was Rejected?

Altria rejected my file

Written by Skupos Support
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If you received an email titled ‘Altria Scan Data File Rejected’, we can help resolve the issue.

Why Was My File Rejected?

What does it mean: A rejected file means that there was incorrect information or improper formatting in the scan data file.

  • This can happen when settings in the register change or due to a formatting error in the file.

What do I do: You will need to take note of the week(s) that were impacted and the reason for rejection. All of this information will be located in the email you received from IRI.

  • The first section titled "File Details" will let you know what week(s) endings were rejected.

  • The second section of the email will let you know why the email was rejected, this is the information you will need to provide to Skupos Support.

Example Email:


This is an automated rejection, it is triggered when a file fails to meet the Scan Data requirements. Your file did not process. Please use the following information and any attached log(s) to investigate and correct specific discrepancies.

Error Code: ID-4-4-3 Error Description: Invalid Data Records

Error Code: ID-4-4-1 Error Description: Invalid Summary (First Line in File) Format or Summary

How to resolve the issue: Contact Skupos Support and provide the information from this email.

  • Skupos Support will work with the Skupos data team to correct and resubmit all affected files.

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