At Skupos we are here to help you start taking advantage the of programs that are available to you! As a Skupos customer, you can sign up to participate in Loyalty Fund Programs and use our software to power it.

Important: There are hardware requirements to run Skupos Engage to power loyalty programs on your Gilbarco. Read Step for more information.

Step 1:

Confirm that you have all requirements to run Skupos Engage on your Gilbarco POS.

Retailers who wish to run Skupos Engage on Gilbarco Passport to participate in loyalty programs must have the following:

  1. GVR Passport version or higher. Note: Version 11.02Q will not work at this time.

2. Gilbarco Loyalty Suite Activated with these Features:

  • Enhanced Loyalty Interface
  • Multiple Loyalty Interface

Note: Without Multiple Loyalty Interface, only one Loyalty configuration is supported on the POS. With Multiple Loyalty Interface, only two Generic Loyalty configurations are supported. If a client already has two Generic Loyalty configurations, they will not be able to configure Skupos Engage without deleting one. 

Follow the steps below if you need assistance checking for the above requirements.

How To Check for the Loyalty Module on Your Passport-
Verify Loyalty Module Activation by navigating to Manager Workstation top level -> Feature Activation and ensure that the Advanced Loyalty Module is activated. (see picture below)

If you do not have this module, you must call GVR and purchase it. You cannot run a loyalty program without it. We do not know the exact cost of the module and cannot assist you in purchasing it.
Gilbarco Support phone #1 336 547 5000

How To Check Your Passport Version
Navigate to Manager Workstation. On the bottom-left, next to the pump character, it will state the current version. To upgrade the retailer must call Gilbarco Support phone # 1 336 547 5000

Step 2: 

Purchase and install Skupos Engage.Skupos Engage costs $29/store a month. Read more about Skupos Engage here.

Sign up to have Skupos Engage installed. Our software Skupos Engage powers the connection between your customers and the Loyalty Fund Programs you want to offer. Click the link below to reserve a spot with a member of our Installation Team to get Skupos Engage installed on your Verifone Commander.  If you have already participated in loyalty using Skupos-move to step 2.

Step 3:

Log in to your Skupos Dashboard. This is where you will purchase Skupos Engage and enroll in the current loyalty programs available. 

Stop! Read First!

Make sure that your tobacco representative has given you the okay to participate in loyalty. Failure to do so can result in money lost!

Step 4: 

Make sure you stay connected to Skupos Sync. Our Sync software is at the core of it all and powers Skupos Engage to run your loyalty program. It is important that you keep your Skupos connection maintained and active at all times. 

Pro Tip: Keep an eye on your Skupos Dashboard for notifications that Sync is disconnected. 

If you have any questions about staying connected or opting into loyalty contact our support team by starting a chat with the green button on the bottom right of the page! 

Our Support team is here to help you and available M-F 7-5 MST.

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