The Gilbarco POS system doesn't automatically remit the data necessary to meet certain TSD reporting requirements. Here at Skupos, we work hard to ensure that your reporting is accurate. In order to ensure that you’re meeting these requirements for the multi-pack program, you’ll need to setup your discounts using the following instructions. We have written help articles to guide you and have an excellent Support Team to assist you via chat and phone should you need help.

Important please note:

This configuration will only work for setting a discount on the same UPC. This discount is more of a 2 pack special than a traditional mix and match. You'll need to make sure your cashiers scan one pack and enter a quantity of two. Multi-Pack will not work if you scan the two packs individually. 

There are two options for setting up discounts on your Gilbarco system:

  1. Using the Advanced Merchandising Module
  2. Utilizing Your Back Office Software

Using The Advanced Merchandising Module

The Advanced Merchandising Module is accessed through your Gilbarco Passport. It is an option that can be added to your Gilbarco Passport. (If you are unsure whether you have it, click the green box below for instructions on how to find out) 

It is important to note that the Advanced Merchandising Module does have limitation when it comes to offering discounts. Because you can only add discounts to individual PLU's using this method, you can not mix and match different products. It is a multi-pack discount.

Utilizing Your Back Office Software

Another common option is to utilize back office software you already have. For those that a back office software, Skupos can report discounts set up in your price book. For more information on how to set up your discount in your back office software program, click below to read the How-To Article. 

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