Do I need to fill out my own IRi/AGDC enrollment questionnaire since I am using Skupos? 

  • No, you do not. Stores that sign up outside of Skupos have to fill out a questionnaire and get an individual username and password for submitting files. With Skupos, we have one username and password we use for all stores. We export a daily report from our system that is sent to IRi to map new retailers to our credentials.
  • Filling it out individually can actually cause delays in getting submissions started. If a store gets their own username and password, we will have to go through a process of re-mapping, which will delay getting live.

Why do I have a missing file?

  • The most common reason for a retailer to have a missing file is disconnection from the Skupos software, which causes a low or no transaction count inside of a retailers file. 

How do I see if a file has been submitted?

  • Log in to your Skupos Dashboard (
  • Navigate to the top left hand corner menu, then select “Scan Data”
  • Once you select the “Scan Data” tab you will be taken to a page that will show you the following:
  • The current status your store is in while enrolling (Testing/Live)
  • The ability to toggle through stores in a chain
  • The weekly submission log that will indicate Submitted or Unsubmitted

How do I resolve a missing file?

  • Log in to your Skupos Dashboard (
  • If you see that the you are currently disconnected from 1 or more stores, please chat in to our Support team to become reconnected. When you contact the team to be reconnected, we will generate files once transactions are captured and submit them. 
  • If the you are connected, please chat the Support team with the following information:
  1. Date of missing file(s)
  2. RCN
  3. Name of Account
  4. Contact Number

The team will then look into the account, see why the file was not submitted and perform the required action in order to have the file submitted. You do not need to wait for a response, file submissions for accounts that are connected are simple. The team will reach out to you  directly if any additional steps are needed.

How do I get a file that was rejected, or had errors, submitted?

  • Your account manager should be on any IRi rejection or error email and will handle the resubmission of that file. If your account manager is not on the email please reach out to them, or to Support, to get the error fixed and resubmitted.

What do I do if loyalty codes are missing from a file?

  • If loyalty codes are missing from a file follow the steps below:
  • Confirm that correct start date was entered for the LFP period. The date of your LFP contract with your tobacco rep needs to match the date you entered in Skupos. If the date entered by your tobacco rep is earlier than ours, we will not be reporting codes for that week because no discount was triggered yet. See the following question for how to confirm start dates. 
  • If the start dates are aligned and loyalty codes are missing, please contact your account manager or the Support team for further troubleshooting.

Where can I see the my loyalty start and end dates within Skupos?

  • To check what dates were entered into our system as their start/end date for an LFP program navigate to the your Skupos dashboard (
  • Navigate to the top left hand corner menu and select “Engage”
  • Once the “Engage” page loads, if a retailer has opted into loyalty and purchased Engage you will see the following screen that will show:
  • Reimbursement Start Date - The start date that should match the contract, the date the period begins for the retailer, discounts begin.
  • Discount Start Date - The first time a retailer offered a discount.
  • Discount End Date - The end date that should match the contract, the date the period ends for the retailer, discounts stop.

If a I have been disconnected for more than a week, can I get all my transactions back?

  • Gilbarco - Gilbarco Passports store transaction data for 7 days. The 7 days are not static for every retailer and can vary. Once the Gilbarco Passport clears this data, we can no longer access it. 
  • Note: If your store has a Gilbarco Passport and utilizes a third-party back office software that backs up your files, we can pull any transactions that the third-party has backed up onto the back office computer.
  • Verifone - Yes, Verifone stores transaction data for 3+ months. As long as the same POS system has been in use, we can pull 3+ months of data.

How do I tell if my store is disconnected from Skupos?

  • Log in to your Skupos Dashboard (
  • Upon logging in to the dashboard if any store is disconnected the following banner will appear:
  • If this banner appears, then you have one or more locations that are disconnected from Skupos. If this is this case, please visit our Help Center at for articles on how to reconnect or contact the Support team. 

How do I reconnect my store to Skupos?

  • We have full help articles on our Help Center to assist in reconnection. Our Help Center can be accessed through our website by clicking “Help” at the top of the page or navigating to
  • Verifone
  • Gilbarco
  • Our Support team can also assist when you become disconnected. Someone will need to be in the store and have access to the Teamviewer application for the team to remote in, as well as access to the Skupos account. We ask that you have the Teamviewer ID and Password, RCN, and be prepared to update us with any changes that may have taken place in the store. 
  • We encourage you to try out the articles and give us feedback! 

How can I contact Customer Support?

  • There are three ways to contact Customer Support. The current hours are Monday - Friday 7am-5pm MST.
  • Chat- located on our website or the Skupos dashboard. You can access chat by clicking the green circle in the bottom right-hand corner. This is the fastest way to reach Support currently.
  • Phone- 1800 559 1358 option 1
  • Email- [email protected]
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