As of 3/22/20, Skupos will not be copied on Certification and Validated emails. Please forward this communication to [email protected] 

MSA and RJ Reynolds have specific requirements for the Certification process of new scan data customers. We want to compile the necessary information that all accounts need in order to become “Certified” then “Validated” in the RJR scan data program.

Following Initial Enrollment Steps

  1. MSA Sets up FTP Credentials and sends to retailer and Skupos
  2. Skupos Submits Test File
  3. MSA requires responses to “Test Data” email from Customer (can copy and paste this response):
  4. MSA does require you to fill out this questionnaire in order to move forward. From a file standpoint, voids will show as negative quantity and price, and coupons tendered as cash.

Once you've filled this out, MSA will be able to continue the process.

  1. There are a number of errors that can come back from the test file submission which require investigation and resolution before the store can become “Certified”.
  2. Discount Columns
  3. Product-related issues
  4. Discount Amounts
  5. MSA Approves Test File
  6. Account gets “Certified”

Failure to quickly respond to or assist in responding to these initial inquiries from MSA can result in the store being “stuck” in an early lifecycle stage in the RJR scan data program.

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