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As of 3/22/20, Skupos will not be copied on Certification and Validated emails. Please forward this communication to [email protected] 

MSA and RJ Reynolds have specific requirements for the Validation process of new scan data customers. We want to compile the necessary information that all accounts need in order to become “Certified” then “Validated” in the RJR scan data program.

Following Certification Steps

  1. Skupos Submits Back Data Submission for 1 month of Transactions per MSA requirements
  2. Once Back Data is verified/processed, MSA conducts validation review of live transaction data (generally takes 2-3 months)
  3. Regular, automatic Submissions Continue (typically goes out Wednesday by 5pm EST for the previous week’s data)
  4. Validation Feedback is a regular occurence, and can require Jira tickets to resolve and/or exploration/resolution for any of the following issues:
  5. Discrepancy in number of outlets expected vs. number of outlets reported
  6. Mfg description being reported as numbers instead of product description
  7. Total discount amount being reported instead of per unit discount
  8. Single pack promotions formatted incorrectly
  9. Loyalty transactions not formatting to requirements
  10. VAP’s incorrectly priced

Failure to quickly respond to or assist in responding to these initial inquiries from MSA can result in the store being “stuck” in an early lifecycle stage in the RJR scan data program.

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