MSA and RJ Reynolds have specific requirements for the enrollment process of new scan data customers. We want to compile the necessary information that all accounts need in order to become “Certified” then “Validated” in the RJR scan data program.

Initial Steps

  1. The retailer must enroll with their RJR rep, Skupos cannot begin the process
  2. Please Note in the Contact Information for Scan Data section
  3. This information MUST BE Skupos or we will not receive communications through enrollment process
  4. Email to use: [email protected]
  5. Once notified MSA will send them a Welcome email/questionnaire they must answer
  6. Popular questions:
  7.  What File Format do we use?
  8. “Pipe Delimited with headers” 
  9. In many cases, the retailer and/or RJR rep may be able to answer these question/s

Failure to quickly respond to or assist in responding to these initial inquiries from MSA can result in the store being “stuck” in an early lifecycle stage in the RJR scan data program.

For Third Party Switch

This email template MUST be sent from the Retailer to MSA, their RJR rep, [email protected], [email protected], and their new CSM.

“Hello MSA,

I would like to notify you that I will be transitioning from (current software provider) to Skupos (primary contact [email protected]). Please provide updated MFT credentials for my new scan data company to submit a test file on my behalf so that I may continue participating in the (RJRT/ITG) Scan Data Reporting Program. Thank you.”

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