Step 1: Start by uninstalling and reinstalling the Skupos App.

  • To complete this step, go to More Tools and select Installed Apps.
  • Click the Skupos app to uninstall and re-install the app. 

If you do the above and do not have internet connection, please contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

Step 2: Check the Inventory section on your Clover dashboard to ensure your Marlboro and/or Copenhagen products are set-up correctly. 

  • Ensure the three boxes selected below have the correct information. 
  1. Name: Check that the Name of the product is correct. 
  2. Price: Ensure the Price of the item is correct. Cost section is optional. 
  3. Product Code: UPC field. Do not use SKU. Ensure that there are 8 or 12 digits in the field. ***If you enter UPCs in the SKU field instead of the Product Code Field, we will not be able to capture the UPCs. You can copy the values from the SKU field and paste to the Product Code Field.

Step 3: What to do if you’re still having Multi-Pack/Can Issues. 

  • Contact our support team by starting a chat with the green button on the bottom right of the page! Our Support team is here to help you and available M-F 7-5 MST.

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