Step 1: Create an Account

Sign up by clicking the button below, follow the prompts for "C-Store"

You'll be prompted to create an account and add your stores. The steps below will explain how to integrate your store with Skupos.

Step 2: Download Skupos "Sync"

Step 3: Confirm Computer Connection to POS

To identify your back office connection to the Radiant Site Controller, you can use Advanced IP Scanner, a free tool to scan your entire network for connected devices. Head over to to install.

If you are having trouble with this step and need assistance, please contact Skupos support.

Step 4: Identify where your TLogs are stored

Method 1: You have a third party back office software installed.

  • If you are using a third party pricebook software, please reach out to Skupos support for assistance.

Method 2: You are using the native NCR Radiant Pricebook software.

  • Navigate to the Radiant Site Controller network.
  • If the below folders are present and you are able to access the NAXMLExportFiles folder, you can proceed to step 5. If not, please reach out to Skupos support for assistance. You will also need to contact your NCR support rep to help enable or grant permissions to this folder.

Step 5: Authenticate Skupos Sync 

  1. Open the Skupos Sync application.
  2. Enter your new Skupos Username and Password· Enter the Radiant Site Controller IP Address.
  3. The username and password fields is the credentials for your Radiant Site Controller. Please enter the information there. If you don't know the username & password, contact your NCR support technician for assistance.
  4. Hit, "Update Verifone Info" and you'll see a green "POS Information Updated" 

Step 6: Keep Skupos Active 

Skupos needs to remain on/running at all time. Please do the following: 

  1. Make sure your computer does not go into sleep mode.
  2. Do not turn off your computer or disconnect the internet. 
  3. Leave Skupos open and running on your computer.
  4. Do not take your computer home.

Change the sleep settings

  1. Open the Control Panel by clicking the "Start" button.  

    2. For Windows 10 and Windows 8 select the "Power Option", Windows 7 select "System and Security" then click "Power Options."

    3. Click "Change plan settings" or "Change Settings."

    4. Under the "Put the Computer to Sleep" change both "On battery" and "Plugged in" to "Never."

5. Click "Save Changes"

What will Happen Next?

A Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you shortly to review the process and notify you of your file submission status. 

Sit back and wait for your check! We’ll take care of the rest.


If you need help with anything at all, or just want to say hello, you can reach us via live chat from within Skupos by clicking on the green bubble in the lower right hand corner. 

Phone: 650-250-4700

Email: [email protected]

We’re always here to help, and we look forward to working with you. Welcome to Skupos! 

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