You've made it! You're now Live in the Altria Scan Data Program. Before you start offering multi pack discounts to your customers, we'll help you correctly set up your discounts so you'll properly receive reimbursements at the end of every month.

To get started, you'll need to access the Radiant Site Manager (RSM) in your Radiant Site Controller. This is the default Pricebook software installed on the Radiant Site Controller. In the example below, we'll be using Marlboro products to configure multi pack discounts.

Step 1 - Retail Item Group Setup

  • Access the Radiant Site Manager on your  you'll be prompted to enter your PIN. 
  • Once entered, you'll be presented with the screen below:
  • Select Configuration folder to expand it. Once expanded, you'll select Merchandise under the configuration folder (not the Merchandise folder above the Configuration folder). When selected, it'll expose quite a few configurations. 
  • Select Retail Item Group Setup, as shown in the screen below:
  •  Add Marlboro products that will be Multi Pack funded by Philip Morris into the group. Click on Add Item to begin, as shown in the screen below:

Once your Marlboro items have been added, the list will populate, as seen in the example below:

Step 2 - Special Setup

After you have configured your Retail Item Group Setup, select Special Setup under the Merchandise folder to begin configuring the multi pack discount. Once accessed, select Add Special.

  • You will be presented with three tabs, General Options, Qualifiers, and Date/Time Restriction, as seen in the screen below:
  • For General Options (seen in the above screen), you will add the name of the discount and set the maximum per transaction. For maximum per transaction, this will be the total amount of multi packs that will qualify for a discount.
  • Example: If a customer purchases 5 total multi pack discounts, all 5 bundles will qualify for a discount. If they purchase 6, the 6th bundle will not qualify, but the other 5 will.
  • Once you've completed configuring the General Options tab, select the Qualifiers tab. Then select Add Qualifier as seen in the screen below:

  • The following configuration is the bulk of getting Multi Pack set up correctly. Please use this guideline to correctly set up this section:


  1. Retail item group: Select the group that you have aggregated for Multi pack promotions. In this case, we created a group for Marlboro
  2. Restrict requirement by: Quantity
  3. Minimum quantity: 2 (or 3 if you've elected to offer 3 pack discounts)


  1. Type: Preset Amount
  2. Amount: Depends on your elected price
  3. Reduces Tax: No
  • Once completed, you will save the configuration and select the Date/Time Restriction, as seen in the screen below:
  • In the section above, if you are offering your discounts immediately, select Applicable immediately. If not, you can choose Date selection to configure when the system will start offering the discounts.

Step 3 - Update Terminals

You must update your POS Terminals in order for the discount to become applicable at the register. Select Update Terminals on the left side bar menu. To start the update, click Perform Full Update. Once the terminal has been updated, the Multi Pack Discount configuration should be ready to go if you have selected Applicable immediately.

USSTC 2020 Requirement - How to Configure

In 2020 the requirements for the USSTC multi can program will change. In order to adhere to the requirements, you will need to configure your NCR Radiant to only allow 1 multi can discount per transaction. This can be achieved by following the screenshot below:

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