This feature will show on the your Skupos Dashboard. It displays the total dollar amount of Altria discounts that have been given through Multi-Pack (MP), Multi-Can (MC), and Loyalty (LFP). This feature benefits you by allowing you to:

  • See the reimbursements you should may expect to receive from Altria.
  • Know your reporting data is being submitted on a regular basis. 

You will be able to: 

  • See summary of discounts given for all Altria accounts associated with your stores or discounts given for individual Altria accounts.
  • See discounts given for the past 5 weeks, on a per week basis.
  • View discounts given in total through LFP or discounts given individually for both programs, being Marlboro or Copenhagen.


How is this data calculated?

  • This data is calculated by analyzing the files that are submitted for your store to IRI. From those files, all of the discounts that were given, for an individual week, are summed to display the total amount of discounts that were given. 

How do I know this data is accurate or how do I verify the numbers displayed?

  • By logging into your Tobacco Insights Dashboard, you will be able to see the actual reimbursements that you have received from discount programs.

Why does the data on the Skupos Dashboard not match my reimbursement from Altria?

  • The data displayed shows all discounts that are given. If you are giving retailer funded discounts, these are also included in the total shown. Discrepancies can also arise if there are issues within your reports, or not all of your reports have been submitted.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions about this data?

  • If you have questions about the feature specifically, you should reach out to Skupos Support. 
  • If you have questions about your reimbursements or your IRI dashboard, you should reach out to your TSM or Altria representative. 

I have feedback for this feature, who should I talk to?

  • If you have feedback for this feature, you should reach out to the Skupos Support Line. Feedback can include additional filtering you would like to see, other data you would like to see, or data that is shown, but not useful.

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