Here at Skupos, we have the ability to report deals set up in your back office software's price book. For our customers who are currently using a back office software to offer discounts, it is easier to continue using your back office software rather than setting the discount in your point of sale system.

Why you may ask?

Having multiple discounts for an individual PLU can cause the discount to apply the wrong amount and/or report incorrectly. Additionally, most discounts created in your back office software will override those created on your point of sale. 

If you are familiar with your back office software...

If you are familiar with setting up discounts in your back office software's price book, please proceed as normal. We highly encourage you to call Skupos Support at (800) 559- 1358 to confirm that it is reporting correctly. Two hours after you offer your new discount in a successful transaction, we will be able to confirm that the data is properly reporting and we will offer assistance to you if it is not.
Note do not use PLU Modifiers!

What if I need assistance with my back office software?

For assistance setting up a deal in your Back Office Software, please contact your Back Office provider and ask for assistance setting up the deal in your “Price Book”. 

What should I ask when I call my back office provider for help?

When contacting your Back Office provider, it is important to determine whether you have the ability to mix and match PLU's while offering a discount or if you can only offer multi pack deals. 

  • Mix and Match will allow you to set a discount to a set list of PLU’s regardless of price.
  • Multi Pack will allow you to set a discount to PLU’s at the same price.

Asking the following questions will help guide you:

  1. Can I set a discount that allows a customer to buy two items off a list and receive a discount regardless of the original item price (mix and match)?
  2. Can you please instruct/guide me on how to set this up in my Price Book?

After the Set-Up 

Once the set-up is complete the Skupos Support Team can check to make sure we are correctly receiving the data. As we mentioned, our system needs two hours after your set-up is complete and you have successfully completed transactions to see the data. Two hours after your successful transaction, please log in to your Skupos account to chat in or contact our Support Team (800) 559-1358 Option 1 to confirm that your data reported correctly.

Skupos is always available to help guide you. If you require any further assistance regarding Back Office Software please call our support line and we are happy to help you! 

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