Within Skupos you have the ability to:  

  • View your current subscription details
  • View your current and previous invoice
  • View and pay outstanding balances
  • Change your billing method 
  • Edit any existing billing method
  • Update the email address invoices are sent to

All of this can be done by first logging into your Skupos account, and then clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner, and selecting "Settings." 

On the Settings page, at the very bottom, you'll see a section called Billing Information, with a button saying "Go to Billing Management" which will take you to a detailed billing information page for your account. 

Here you'll be able to see your existing subscription details, your next invoice date, as well as your current invoice and all previous invoices. 

On the right, you'll see your existing account balance, and below that your current billing information. By clicking the "Edit" button in the Billing Information section, you'll be able to update the existing payment method. 

If you need to change your payment method altogether, from credit card to ACH or vice versa, click on the "Need to Change Payment Method?" link, and you'll be given the option to switch. 

In the very upper right, you'll see the name of the individual who setup the account. To change the email address on file for the invoices, simply click on the name and choose "Change Email." This will allow you to update the information. You can also add a second email address to your account in order to send invoices to two individuals. If you'd like to do this, please use the green chat button on the lower right of this page and one of our team members will assist you. 

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