To access the billing section of your account, login to your account.

On the main page of your dashboard, click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select "Settings"

On the Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the blue "Go to Billing Management" button. This will take you to a detailed billing information page for your account. 

Short Cut: from any billing related email, click the account management page link.

Here you'll be able to view your existing subscription details, your next invoice date, as well as your current and all previous invoices. 

On the right, your account balance and current billing information is listed.  

Edit Payment Method

Click the "Edit" button in the Billing Information section to change your payment method on file. Please note our platform can only store payment method on file at a time.

Switching Payment Type: Credit Card to Bank Account and vice versa

If you need to change your payment method from credit card to a bank account or vice versa, click on the "Need to Change Payment Method?" link located just below the billing information section, and you'll be given the option to switch.

Billing Related Emails:

The email on file in this section of the dashboard will be sent all billing related emails. This includes:  

  • Renewal reminder emails 7 days before your next invoice
  • New invoice emails, outlining your most recent invoice
  • Reminders to update your Credit Card information when your payment method on file has expired
  • Payment Declined/Past Due emails, when your automatic payment method on file declines the payment 

To change the email address on file to receive billing related emails, simply click on the name in the top right corner and select "Change Email." This will allow you to update this information.

This feature will only change the email that receives your Invoices/billing related emails. This will NOT change the email on file for the Sync Down email notifications. 

Please Note: To update the sync down email or have more than 1 person receive the billing related emails, please submit a request by clicking the green chat button on the bottom or this page and one of our team members will assist you. 

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