Skupos Sync relies on a connection between your point of sale, your back office computer, and the internet. 

Login to your Skupos account to check to see if your stores are connected (Chat in if you need help locating your username or if you have forgotten your password click on the Forgot Password link).

If we're unable to communicate with the computer/POS at that location, you'll see a, "SYNC Disconnected'" message above your store. 

This means that we're unable to receive transactions from your computer. The first thing that you should do is load the, "Skupos Sync" application on your computer. This will fix the issue most of the time. 

You can chat in to ask us whether or not we're receiving data, and the "Sync Disconnected" message should disappear within a few minutes.

If you're unable to resolve the issue or need help at anytime, please chat in! We'll be happy to take a look with you.

Make sure that you keep your computer on at all times. The number one reason connections get interrupted is because the computer gets shut off or goes to sleep, which shuts off the internet connection, and thus our ability to pull transactions.  

Take a look at our article on how to change your sleep/power settings to ensure you maintain your connection.  

Maintain your Skupos Connection

As always, if you have questions, feel free to chat in or give us a call, (800) 559-1358. 

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