Setting up discounts in your Gilbarco Passport is simple. You will need to have the Advanced Merchandising Module on your Gilbarco.

Multi-Pack for Gilbarco POS (Advanced Merchandising Module)

In order to set up a multi-pack discount directly on your Gilbarco POS, you must have the Advanced Merchandising Module. The photo below shows the Advanced Merchandising Module which is highlighted in red.

How To Get To The Above Screen

  • You can navigate to this screen on your Gilbarco POS by clicking the arrow labeled "More" on your home screen, selecting "Tools", then "Pricing."
  • Your next step is to select, "Item" and "Search". This brings us to where we will search for the UPC we would like to apply the Multi-Pack deal too. 
  • Once you have chosen a UPC and entered it into the "Search," you will see the above screen. 

Please Note If you get to this screen and the area highlighted in red is grayed out or you cannot type in the value spaces, this means you do not have the Advanced Merchandising Module. Please contact Gilbarco Help Desk (336-547-5000) for more information.

How To Set Up Multi-Pack In The Advanced Merchandising Module

If you are able to edit the bottom red box, you'll want to setup your deal as follows:

  • The line reads: This item sells for $__.__ per unit or __ for $__.__" 
  • For example, if you are to offer a discount of $0.50 off 2 packs of cigarettes that costs $5.00 each. You would fill out the line as follows: "This item sells for $5.00 per unit or 2 for $9.50"
  • You'll do this on every item that is eligible to be sold as a Multi-Pack. - check with your Altria rep for the full list of qualifying products for your store as well as the allowed discount.

Important please note:

This configuration will only work for setting a discount on the same UPC. This discount is more of a 2 pack special than a traditional mix and match. You'll need to make sure your cashiers scan one pack and enter a quantity of two. Multi-Pack will not work if you scan the two packs individually

If you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to hit the chat button and let us know!
Skupos Support can be reached at 800 559 1358 option 1. 

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