Gilbarco does not automatically send transaction level data (Scan data), we need to adjust the settings so the Gilbarco machine pushes it automatically. The setting that must be checked is called “Generate Transaction Level Detail (PJR)” 

Click the video link (green button) to take a quick look at how to navigate to that setting in your Gilbarco Machine, or take a look at the instruction list below. 

  1. Navigate to the Manager Workstation
  2. Find the, "Set Up" folder
  3. Select, "Store"
  4. Scroll down until you see, "Back Office" and select that option. 
  5. Select, "Back Office Interface", and find the "Interface Format" dropdown, select, "NACS XML v3.4
  6.  Select the, "Generation Options" and you'll see a list of checkboxes
  7. Select, "Generate Transaction Level Detail (PJR)" and "Generate Acknowledgement Files". 
  8. Don't forget to click "Save"!

As always, if you have questions, feel free to chat in our give us a call at (800) 559-1358. 

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