After you have completed signing up with Skupos you will need to download the SYNC application on the back office computer at each location you will be running Skupos. The software that you install on your desktop is what Skupos uses to grab your scan data from your POS. 

If you have not signed up-please click here to begin.

Step 1: To download sign in to your Skupos account at You'll see your list of stores on the site. 

If you need help adding your stores, see our article on adding stores

From there, simply click on your username and select "Download Sync". Click through the installation just as you would any other software. 

Step 2: Locate the download folder on your internet browser and open "SKUPOSInstaller" See below.

Step 3: Allow the installation to begin.

  • Step 3 (A): Allow the Skupos application to make changes on your PC.

Step 4: Run the installer and click "Finish" to launch the SYNC program.

If you have any questions please chat or call Skupos Support, we are here to help!

Skupos Support (650) 250 4700

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